Nat Geo Kids Make This!- a book review

Make This!: Building Thinking, and Tinkering Projects for the Amazing Maker in You

Such a cool book. I count 8 chapters with 49 projects most doable with just one kid. Basically a whole year (or Summer?) of science projects for like $12!

If you’ve got a kid who likes detailed step by step instructions this book has plenty of ideas. What if you’ve got a natural maker on your hands who only needs inspiration? That kid is covered here too.

I especially liked the Challenges called Solve This! that are listed in each chapter. They aren’t cookie cutter solutions and many have more than one answer.

The publisher lists this as 7-12 year old. My son is 13 and we did a few of the medium and hard projects and had fun. I think ideally the age would be an interested 7-10 year old but your mileage may vary.

We’re waiting for warmer weather to make the solar oven, those s’mores look delicious! All in all, lots of possibilities for homeschoolers in this volume!

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