Book Review- Three Stones Make A Wall: The Story of Archaeology

I grabbed this book on Audible as teacher prep for myself before I get into teaching the Ancients for the umpteenth time. Because I combined the kids in history I have an almost 14 yo who has studied the Ancients three times already. We’re starting his 8th grade year in June and because he wants to dual enroll in a couple years this may be his last time through this time period with me.

So, this is in prep for a light rhetoric stage jaunt through time as we amp up to high school work. He may have time in his senior year to revisit these topics if he doesn’t dual enroll, but since we don’t know, I’m planning it like it is his last time passing through.

This is the kind of book I choose for myself anyway as I am a huge nonfiction book fan. I love hearing about the “how’s and why’s” of things. Eric starts you off with a brief history of archaeology and then begins telling stories of different discoveries through time. You’ll learn how the science has changed along with some modern missteps that occur now with modern tech that couldn’t have happened in the past.

If you like to indulge your inner geek you’ll probably like this book. I especially liked the chapters that were technical in nature. What tools do you use to dig in Europe vs. the Americas? Do you ever get to keep things you find? How do you even decide where to look and then who pays you?

You could use this as an elective for high school as the text for a survey of Archaeology class if you wanted to. I’m not sure if we’ll fit the whole book into our history study but I did bookmark sections that he’ll be reading for sure.

Three Stones Make a Wall: The Story of Archaeology by Eric H Cline

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