ARC Review- The Oddmire, Book 1: Changeling

You all know I’m always relieved to see #1 in the title of a new book- I double puffy heart love a new series.

Also, I apologize in advance for teasing you with a book you can’t read until July. After researching just how much it helps authors to get pre-orders I decided to try and post my reviews early and then share them again on release day for an extra boost. You don’t even have to pre-order it yourself, almost all libraries have an online form so that you can ask them to order it for you. Bonus points for getting to the top of the holds list before they even have a copy!

So, hey here goes: What an amazing story! I probably broke some kind of reviewer code of conduct by reading most of this aloud and I’m not even sorry. This book is simply delicious, the names and prose roll right off your tongue. People like
“The Queen of the Deep Dark” will stay with you long after you finish reading this story.

If you are familiar at all with fairy tales you’ll know that a changeling is a goblin left behind by magical folk when they want to steal a human child.

In this book, both the Changeling and the human child are left in the human world after a switch goes wrong and are now both around the age of twelve. Cole and Tinn are inseparable. No one knows which one is the goblin and which is human but everyone in the town knows one of them isn’t human.

This story is jam packed with fun characters, scary creatures in the darkest part of the woods, goblins, witches, shapeshifters and more. The humans are strong and resourceful too. I love when a story doesn’t depend on “magic” saving the day.

Without giving too much away, the magic of the goblins will be lost forever unless the Changling presents himself on the day of his 13th birthday. And so, the boys set out together, following a map that shows the way into Oddmire, a forest where they hope to work out the truth, save magic and each other.

I haven’t read the author’s super popular Jackaby series and I hear there are references to that world within this book. I’ll be checking it out soon while we wait for Oddmire #2!

This book is a great read aloud candidate for all ages who enjoy a good fantasy. You can safely go above and below middle grade if you are comfortable with scary fairy tale danger.

The Oddmire, Book 1: Changeling by William Ritter

July, 2019

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