Book Review: The East End

The East End is a book you could pick up now if you’ve got a Mother’s Day gift card burning a hole in your pocket. Hint, hint. It’s the kind of caper where the main character has it all figured out. Nothing can go wrong with his plan- so of course, everything goes wrong with his plan. LOL. Corey lives in the Hamptons year-round like he’s a townie, not someone who owns one of those huge houses there. But, he does house-sit in them. The plot stands out for me in that it is such a good example of class assumptions in this country. Being rich does not mean everything is great or that you’ve got your act together. Although Corey is apt to break the law, he feels justified, and you don’t hate him for it for which I give Jason Allen full credit. It isn’t easy building a character that lives within the gray area of society. One night he decides to go over to Sheffield’s when he thinks no one will be home and ends up seeing some things he shouldn’t. It all wraps up, but not in the way I expected, which is always nice! The entire twisty story takes just three days and you’ll want to read it that fast as well. A warning that it contains a lot of swearing, and adult situations. The East End by Jason Allen

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