Book Review: The Farm

Imagine spending some time at a fancy resort where everything is free. Anything you need is provided to you quickly and cheerfully, and you get to stay for nine months. The only catch? You are a surrogate, and after you give birth, you’ll be sent on your way-richer and yet emptier.

The three main characters are Jane, an immigrant already has a young daughter and works low wage domestic jobs when she can find them. Reagan is a stereotypical white girl who has nothing better to do and signs up just for the cash. And Mae, the tiger mom like Asian-American woman who runs the facility where Jane and Reagan end up. There isn’t much Mae won’t do to ensure a positive outcome for her clients. We also get to see how unprepared Jane is for this kind of situation, where her background and experience only make her more vulnerable. None of the characters are completely good or bad, and it definitely makes you think about our society today.

“….in America you only need to know how to make money. Money buys everything else.”

Isn’t that the truth. This isn’t a Handmaids Tale scenario, it isn’t romance, or even women’s fiction exactly. I’d almost call it horror-lite.

I was waiting for a shocking twist that didn’t appear. After I let the book sit with me a few days I started thinking about the premise and how the fact that this seems plausible and legal is maybe the most dystopian ending of all.

I think it would make an excellent book club read.

The Farm by Joanne Ramos May 7, 2019

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