Thunderhead (Arc of Scythe Book 2)

We own this book in three formats and yet somehow I never typed a review?

Crazy talk.

Well, I’m remedying that now. You’ve got all Summer to read both books 1: Scythe and 2 (Thunderhead) before the concluding book of the trilogy is released this Fall.

In this case, you must read the first book first. Then when you get to this one you’ll have a good handle on what you think will happen and man, every single time you’ll be wrong.In this world, with no conflict, a world where death is reversible, there must be some way to keep the population under control. In this Giver like a dystopian world, some people must die, and a Scythe chooses them.

This book improves on the second as the Scythes jockey for political power. Meanwhile, The Thunderhead (an all-knowing internet type god) controls everything except them.

If you thought the plot was moving too slow in book one, get ready for everything to fall into place. It won’t be where you think it is going. We’ve got new characters to follow, and all of them play a part in the future of both the Scythes and the entire world.

The Toll cannot come out fast enough for me. I’ll try begging for an ARC, but chances are I will be preordering with the rest of you!

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