Book Review-American Pharaoh: Mayor Richard J. Daley – His Battle for Chicago and the Nation

An old Chicago adage holds that “the Jews own it, the Irish run it, and the blacks live in it.”

Adam Cohen and Elizabeth Taylor

If you’ve ever wondered how Chicago got where it is today, this is the book for you. An almost essential read to understand how the Daley’s got and kept their power.

This book focuses on how Daley’s power as Chairman of the Cook County Democratic party was like being the king of two countries. The Cook County job opened just as many doors as being Mayor of Chicago.

Going with the King analogy, he was not one to forgive and forget. The book goes into extreme detail about the logistics of how he both awarded and rescinded his favors. The section that begins in 1960- through the 1968 Riots was filled with just the right amount of details.

What you won’t find is any real information about the personal lives of the Daley clan. That’s okay with me. I was all in for the political scoop.

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