Book Review: The Kingdom

This book is so weirdly wonderful. Sign me up for more robot fiction please. I haven’t watched Westworld, but I bet it is kinda like this.

The Kingdom (pseudo-Disney World) is a magical theme park where you’ll see things that aren’t “alive” anywhere else. Ana is a princess, they call her a Fantasist, and she spends her days taking selfies with little girls and looking beautiful as a hybrid human should. She and her sisters don’t need sleep, but they do power down for maintenance and rebooting each night.

Ana meets and falls in love with Owen, a human employee of the park. The book switches between the past and the present. The past is the time that led up to her trial, where she is accused of killing Owen, and the present being mostly court transcripts. She isn’t an evil android, she’s a teen “in love” android.

I could not stop reading, I’m so into this sinister fantasy theme park. In a way, Ana and her sisters reminded me of the robot women in the Stepford Wives. After all, Ana is half human.

I don’t know if there will be a sequel of if it is a stand alone, but it was worth the read.

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