Book Review- Gold Digger: The Remarkable Baby Doe Tabor

This book is free right now on Kindle Unlimited, but I’d have paid to read it. Confession: this is the first book I’ve read about that period in Colorado that wasn’t for kids. It was a treacherous time to be a woman out there for sure.

In 1878, Lizzie didn’t have much choice about getting married, so she chose well, and Harvey was a good catch, his father was mayor of Oshkosh after all. They don’t love each other and Lizzie ends up divorcing him. She stays in Colorado and after a while, ends up remarrying. The book goes through most of her life, good times and bad. The research that went into the book is extensive, and I got a great feel for what life was like back then. This is a true story, and I found the whole thing so interesting. You get the details of all parts of life mining, the wealth, losses, and how people were willing to do just about anything to succeed.

This book ends with her 2nd husband’s death and the start of her new life alone with her two daughters. I’m happy to say that there is a sequel planned for later this year called Silver Dollar.

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