Book Review: Recursion

Ok, I guess this is a SciFi Mystery? It’s like watching The Matrix; you get lots of those kinds of understanding breakthroughs. It was a good read that I read in like 3 hours.

False Memory Syndrome is spreading like wildfire. The condition gives people real-seeming memories of a life they haven’t lived.
The two central characters are Detective Barry Sutton and Dr. Helena Smith. Smith is a neuroscientist seeking a cure for Alzheimer’s in the hope of curing her’s mother terminal descent into dementia. She plans to construct a machine that can record a person’s most valued memories for posterity.
It seems like a great idea until it has unintended consequences.
False Memory reports are on the rise, and Barry’s interactions with a woman who killed herself drive him to investigate further. People can’t handle the mental rewiring of their memories and desire their fake life more than their real ones. 

It left me wondering about every single moment of deja vu I’ve ever felt. It also made me ponder the butterfly effect all while invested in what would happen next.

I won’t go into any more of the plot, so that you can read it yourself. I’m going to move on and read everything else that Blake Crouch has in print starting with Dark Matter. His world building is fantastic.

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