Book Review: The Lesson

Happy Book Birthday!

At the 2% mark, when Derrick shared his hidden mythology collection, I was hooked.

The first part of the book centers around one family in St Thomas. You get a good sense of their lives both before and after they discover that not only are aliens real, the Ynaa lives among humans right here on Earth. One alien in particular, (Mera) came to Earth a couple hundred years ago and lived life as a human as a sort of experiment. She was a slave, and I think that’s what helped her understand humans more than the aliens who just arrived.

The second part (5 years later) centers on the aliens and their mission. Sometimes they are helpful and nice, other times they overreact to pretty normal human behavior. This family has issues before, during, and after the invasion and reading about people of color encountering a different race of people of color was a cool twist. You can easily draw comparisons to the British as they colonized the world.

I read it pretty slowly (which for me was a couple of days) and am still thinking about it a few days later. I can see this becoming a movie. Be warned the first section moves a little slow, and I wasn’t sure if I’d end up enjoying the story, but eventually, as the climax grew closer I really got that sense of dread and couldn’t decide if I wanted to read faster or slower!

The copy I read was an ARC so the details may have changed in the finished copy.

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