Book Review: I’ll Never Tell

I’ve got another free on Kindle Unlimited book for you this week.

Overall, I liked this story even though the ending seemed a bit unresolved for my taste. Five siblings come home due to the untimely deaths of their parents and the reading of their will. In an unorthodox move the four sisters can disinherit their brother if they decide that he killed a girl back in 1998.

Basically they all become detectives as they try to solve this cold case. At one point one sister thinks maybe she did it. The plot is pretty twisty although at times it was also pretty predictable. Kind of a mixed bag. It is free though.

I give it bonus points for the gorgeous Canadian setting descriptions and the fact that by the end I felt sorry for the brother. I hated him at first and didn’t expect to change my mind. It was a good quick read, perfect for a rainy afternoon.

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