Book Review: The Warehouse

Happy Book Birthday!!

I stayed up until after midnight to finish it, then woke up, reached for my Kindle and reread the last chapter. I feel like I could really reread the whole book at some point just to look for hidden clues that I probably missed the first read through. So, if you are a library user get yourself on that hold list pronto.

Caveat: I love a good Dystopian World. I loved this story because it is so close to what our future could become if we aren’t careful.

The story begins with a blog post by a man named Gibson Wells. He owns Cloud and at first, seems like a good guy. After you meet Zinnia and Paxton and hear things from their POV, you may change your mind about him.

Zinnia is a corporate spy hired by an anonymous rich guy to take down Cloud from the inside. Paxton is a former prison guard/inventor who used to market his invention as a vendor on Cloud but eventually got put out of business by them. Since he didn’t want to go back to the prison work, he decided to work at Cloud until his patent came through and he could sell it to Cloud.

As we learn more and more about the state of the world it becomes clear that this is basically a “company town” like in the old west or steel mill days. You don’t get paid money, you get credits. You live at Cloud, buy all your food from them, wear a trackable wristband, and even purchase the water you shower with from them. In exchange you get a star rating, five is great, and one equals immediate dismissal.

Cloud is for sure code for Amazon, which gives me mixed feelings as I affiliate link over there every day. 🤷 When I figure out a way to link to independent bookstores easily, I will.

If you like The Black Mirror, The Circle, or have read The Wool Series of books (which is free on Kindle Unlimited now!) this is that same vibe. Also, it is going to be a movie.

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