Book Review- H.H. Holmes: The True History Of The White City Devil

Whew. At 10% in my Kindle said I had 7 and a half hours left of reading- and I’m a fast reader. It was just about correct. This is a long book. I liked it, but it took me forever to get through.

That said, here’s the thing, you won’t find better or more accurate research about H.H. Holmes anywhere else. That guy you read about in The Devil in the White City? He is the sensationilized completely “extra” version of the real H. H. Holmes. Now, he is still terrible, and terrifyingly evil for sure, but he was also a showman who loved to take credit for any crimes that he could plausibly take credit for commiting.

He for sure killed more than seven people (by my count), mostly because they got in his way. I think I would be exhausted all the time if I were trying to keep track of so many different personas and scam scenarios, and then if other people got in the way… You’d have to resolve that. At least that is how Holmes lived his life. He was the embodiment of evil.

I enjoyed reading about Chicago, and all the places that are still there. Obviously, the entire subject matter is grim, there is no way around it. The research is just astoundingly good, there are so many original sources quoted and real letters that people wrote either to or from the victims.

Overall, if you like either true crime books or just like reading about Chicago history, you’ll love this.

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