Book Review: William Shakespeare’s Get Thee Back to the Future!

“The pow’r of love, O ’tis a curious thing:
It changeth hawks into a gentle dove,
It maketh one man weep, another sing,
More than a feeling: ’tis the pow’r of love.

‘Tis tougher e’en than diamonds, rich like cream,
It makes a bad one good, a wrong one right,
‘Tis stronger, harder than a wench’s dream,
The pow’r of love shall keep the home at night.

When first thou feelest it, may make thee sad,
When next thou feelest it, may be profound,
Yet when thou learnest this, thou shalt be glad:
It is this power makes the world go ’round.

‘Tis strong and sudden, sent by heav’n above,
It may just save thy life, this pow’r of love.”

– Ian Doescher paraphrasing Huey Lewis

Do you want to laugh through an entire book? If so, get your hands on this gem. So, so funny. I don’t know how I missed the other books in this series, (notably all of The Star Wars films!) but they are all on TBR list now.

I’m actually going to listen to this with my teen son and then watch the movie as he’ll begin reading Shakespeare in school this year and I think these books are the perfect most fun way to get comfortable with the language of Shakespeare.

Even if you aren’t a student anymore, most of the lines translated into Shakesperian dialect will delight you and could easily become your new go- to phrases.

I especially enjoyed the inner thought process of Einstein the dog which we weren’t privy to in the movies. All in all, it’s a book you might not run into on your own. My thanks to Quirk Books for sending me this book to read.

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