The Legend of Greg: An Epic Series of Failures

Greg is a regular (sort of introverted) Chicago kid. He has one friend, he loves his Dad, he loves food, all is pretty okay in his world. I know the city pretty well and this story is spot on geographically correct- in fact, I could even venture to guess which schools may have inspired the descriptions in the book. I won’t for fear of taking away the fun that Chicago kids will have narrowing it down on their own. So, winning on the atmosphere front.

The plot? Sublime. Turns out, Greg is a dwarf. Yeah, like LOTR dwarves (only not really, cause that movie uses racial stereotyping ) Not only are there dwarves in Chicago, but there are Elves too. Many, many famous people you may know are either Dwarves or Elves. Once you read this and know, it explains so much. As you might have already guessed the world building is fantastic. I don’t want to spoil any of it by saying too much more. 

The first in a new series there is already a movie being made of this book and it’s been for sale for less than a week. I read a copy provided to me from the Kid Lit Exchange but purchased our own copy only a few chapters in and then used our Audible credit to listen on our road trip. It’s that good.

Verdict- Buy (duh!) For fans of magic, LOTR, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Arlo Finch

Also- Book 2 review tomorrow!

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