Book Review: The Curse of Greg

Sigh, Evanston. Blah. I pre-ordered this book on the strength of Book One and how much of Chicago the author got right all the while also producing a solid Middle Grade title for kids who have already read all of Riordan. The story itself was entertaining, but we had hoped for a truly Chicago series of books. If your kids aren’t weirdly picky about the Chicago setting (like we are) then I give this full likeability stars. I will award bonus points for the accurate Wisconsin Dells portrayals.

Greg is still getting used to the fact that he is a dwarf and all that goes with that. The action starts when a gargoyle gets off of a building and Greg and company have to stop him. As in all of these kinds of books, humans are blissfully ignorant of the danger and battles that surround them. I always like that premise as it gives kids an imaginative boost as they go about their everyday real lives wondering what could be happening magically around them.

I don’t want to give any more of the plot away, but there is a set up for book 3 and now that I’m mentally invested, I hope it gets printed. As with most sequels I’d recommend that you pick up book for your kids first. (We listened to the audio version on a road trip last Summer and loved it : The Legend of Greg)

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