ARC Review: The Memory Police

I found this hauntingly sad, and it left me with so many unanswered questions? What was the point of the memory police? Why did they need everyone to forget things?

Let me back up, the MC lives on an island, where things disappear sporadically as ordered by the Memory Police. Her own mother was taken away for not forgetting. First its things like hats, ribbons, birds, and some flowers. The population just goes with it out of fear of being taken away. While this is going on the MC (an author) is writing a book and when her editor is about to get taken away she hides him in her basement.

The prose was gorgeous, and I read through it faster and faster trying to get to the part that answered my questions, but in the end, I guess we’re all supposed to guess what the real reasons were. Unless it was all in her head the whole time? I liked it but didn’t understand it if that makes any sense at all. Maybe it’s a fable about the horror of memory loss? Read it August 13, 2019 and let me know what you think.

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