Book Review: United

Second in a series of books written by Democratic candidates for President in 2020. This sort of sounded like Cory Booker. It also sounded like an outline of counterpoints to other front runners.

Me being fake Cory Booker:

Oh, Elizabeth Warren took a DNA test and it didn’t show what she expected? Mine did. On the other hand, did you like Barack Obama? I’m so much like him, this book is eerily similar to the book Obama wrote like 10 years before he ran for President. (  Dreams from My Father)

This is another call to action much like Marianne Williamson’s book. In order to change America, we need to all get involved and start from the ground up. I give it extra points for not just being a long version of his stump speech and I actually came away liking the guy much more now that I know his origin story.

He gets a few mentions of God and the Bible in there to sway any centrist Republicans into thinking he might be okay. That’s sarcastic of me, I know. I just wish I knew how much is marketing and how much is sincere?

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