Book Review: The Truths We Hold

I held off posting the review for this because I didn’t have time to dig up Kamela’s actual prosecutorial record. I still didn’t have time as it turns out, so I’m reviewing this based on what she wrote in her book and not anything printed about her outside of it.

I’ll send you to this article in the NYT for reference.

I feel like this more than any of the other books I’ve read (authored by other candidates) is a campaign book. She (or her ghostwriter) did a great job with it, but it definitely hits all the points that she needs it to have a chance at making the primary election cycle. It isn’t as annoying as some of the books end up being.

Its an easy read for sure. I liked her and felt like she told us a lot of truths about herself. I mean most of these candidates are looking to give the voters full disclosure in the light of the secrets on the Republican side of things.

Also, taking a law and order approach may appeal to centrists in both parties. I thought telling the story of how she handled the mortgage crisis in California as well to, I mean everyone is in favor of sticking it to the banking industry.

Caveat: I’m still leaning towards Elizabeth Warren, hopefully her book will turn up on my library hold list soon.

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