Book Review: The Right Answer

Here we go with the next installment of read a Democratic Candidates book. I’ll admit that when I started this book I had to check the dust jacket to see which of the white guys this was. I know that isn’t great. But, gosh, there are so many people in this race. That’s why I started this project. The lesser known candidates aren’t getting much screen time and I like reading their words in their own voice.

So, John Delaney is an attorney, a business owner, a third term Congressperson and he is running for President of the United States. He seems to have thought out a lot of the logistics of his day to day plans as President and is what I’d call an optimist as far as how we would breach the divide between Democrats and Republicans.

He goes over his childhood, parents, education etc. He describes how frustrating it is to get along in Washington, to get any sort of cooperation between the two parties. He tells you everything about how it is now and his ideas for changing things from the top down.

Overall, its a good book for the kind of book it is- which is political, not literary. I will say that I liked him personally from reading the book. I’m not sure how much he can really get done. I didn’t get the sense that his plans were so awesome that they were all plausible. I’d be okay with him as a Vice President or in the White House somewhere, but not as Chief.

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