Book Review: Off the Sidelines

There are books that immediately capture my attention and after I start reading them I don’t stop until the end. There are other books that I start and then put aside and never go back to. This one is one of those in the middle. I began reading, put in down, picked it up, put it down, and finally finished it. There wasn’t anything wrong with it. Except that clearly I’m not the target audience and I should be as a voter.

All books cannot be all things to all people, that’s a given. However, Kirsten seems to want to inspire women to step up and get involved in politics. I fully support her admission that “having it all” is crap. You cannot have it all and be in successful in all things. Something has to suffer. I also liked the prevailing theme of “How can you get off the sidelines in your own life?” I think some men need that message too.

What this doesn’t do is convince me that Kirsten is the right person to be President of the United States. For one thing her ideas are coming completely from an upper middle class view point. Most people in the US right now can’t think about giving more to charity, or volunteering at a community garden because we are all working flat out to keep food on our tables.

What was helpful? Getting a peek into what working in our government is like. Honestly, it sounds like it sucks and maybe we should work on that so that our representatives maybe don’t burn out or get corrupt trying to make it all worth it.

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