Book Review: This Fight Is Our Fight

Anyhow, continuing on with my series of Democratic candidates and their books, we have Elizabeth Warren who happily has written more than one book. So, this one isn’t as full of all the campaigning as some others that I’ve read.

By now everyone has heard the story of how Elizabeth’s family was able to stay in their home because her Mom got a minimum wage job at Sears. Today that would not be the case. I think many people find that to be the crux of the problem in the US. You can trace so many problems back to the fact that enough people don’t have jobs that allow them to own a home even with multiple adults working full time. You know all this, so please excuse this and the rants below.

Here’e the thing. I believe Elizabeth and she’s put the time in talking with regular people and I think because she grew up middle class she hasn’t lost her edge of normality. Sure, she went to law school and she’s doing okay now, but she never stopped listening. I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that she knows how much a gallon of milk costs.

If her concern is all an elaborate campaign strategy then she’s been running for President for at least the last two decades. This book and the experiences that she shares about Washington DC make me feel sad and maybe that’s the goal, this is the fifth? book I”ve read in the last couple of weeks and although I’m preaching to the choir, I’ve got to say once again that our system as it stands is not sustainable for anyone other than giant corporate giants. We as a country need to make huge changes to make it a place that we want our kids to grow up and thrive as adults.

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