Book Review: The Opposite of Woe My Life in Beer and Politics

If you asked me what my impression of John Hickenlooper is after reading this book, the only word that comes to mind is privilege. His story includes tragedy ( who’s story doesn’t) and his Mom was frugal after being widowed. Her frugality enabled him to go to exclusive private schools though- it wasn’t about eating or paying a mortgage. He had enough money in College to invest in real estate for gods sake. They weren’t struggling.

Overall I’d describe him as a quirky guy who means well. He has “face blindness” which as an elected official is probably a huge handicap. Coauthor Maximillian Potter, spent well over 100 pages giving us a sense of John’s life through his college years, it is extremely well written, but so long I felt was a bit TMI. I wanted to get to his years as Mayor of Denver and Governer of Colorado. I felt like someone was checking boxes with the descriptions of his pot plant and DUI. I ended up liking his Mom more than him. Also, what’s with the huge amount of pages devoted to some girl he liked who didn’t like him back? Just going off his side of all his love interests, I’m in no way voting for this guy for anything.

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