Book Review: The War On Normal People

This guy. He’s not getting the attention of the press, but he has some excellent ideas. I think he’s the only one trying to explain what he sees coming towards middle-class America. He’s a tech guru, and he knows that many, many people will be out of their jobs within the next couple of decades. Every once in awhile, you might read about automation. We’ve all noticed how many more self-checkouts there are everywhere.

What happens when trucks are driverless? When do machines operate all factories? How about the genuine possibility that you lose your job and there isn’t anything else that you are qualified to do? All super scary scenarios that no one is talking about out loud. Maybe this is why we all have anxiety.

I think Andrew Yang is the most under-reported, underrated candidate for President right now. Reading this book was like listening to a friend. All the problems that everyday people have are not just going to go away on their own. This book isn’t a biography per se, and it isn’t the typical “I’m running for President book” either. He needs to get talking to Elizabeth Warren cause together they could be the dream team.

Universal Basic Income takes the entire country above the poverty level in one fell sweep, staying on daylight savings time year-round makes sense, as does send opioid addicts to rehab instead of jail. We all agree corporate America isn’t paying their fair share into our economy and a VAT solves that immediately. If you are worried about your boys and video games, he’s got some ideas about how we’ve let a generation of boys grow to men and live in our basements. I would have had to wait for 13 weeks to borrow this book from my library, so I bought it, and I’m happy I did.

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