ARC Review: American Royals (YA)

Another Fall Release- September 3, 2019. Such an interesting concept. What if George Washington became our King instead of our President? Think about the US having a completely British type Royal Family. The book alternates POV between four characters:

HRH Princess Beatrice, who is next in the line to be the very first Queen of America. Her Father just changed over to a firstborn Royal Heir as opposed to the firstborn Male heir of tradition.

 HRH Princess Samantha, Beatrice’s younger sister who is the spare heir and then of course is both more angsty and adventerous.

Daphne Deighton, commoner, the Prince Jeff’s ex-girlfriend who always seems to be plotting something and I wonder why we have her POV and not Jeff’s?

Nina Gonzalez, Samatha’s best friend who grew up in and out of the Royal household.

I wish this book had contained more world building. I wanted to know more about how the government was set up. Is is exactly like Britain? I would liked to read more about the history of the nation too. I enjoy a good back story.

All in all, it’s a solid 3 stars. Its a good Summer read. I don’t mind the third person POV, but I did get confused as to who was doing what a couple of times, that may be fixed in editing.

It hits all the basic monarch tropes and it is even pretty much all set up for a sequel.

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