Book Review: The Root of Magic (MG)

This story has both an unusual and thought provoking premise. Willow and her family find themselves trapped in a tiny Maine village that harbors a big secret. The adults of the town are all there by choice, but children decide whether they will stay forever or be banished on their 13th birthday.

Making that kind of life altering decision at such a young age seems crazy, except it works in this scenario. I won’t spoil the plot, because if you know what will happen it will take much of the joy out of reading this beautiful prose. I didn’t see any real buzz around this book on its release date, and got a copy in the mail out of the blue with a review request. It was like magic. If you read this and want to chat about the bigger theme, come back to the comment section, I’d love to chat about this one.

This would make a great family read aloud for all ages.

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