Book Review: Mickey’s Inferno

And now for something completely different. I contemplated adding a category called “weird.”  At first, I described the market for this book like this:

I did some research and felt better about it after I saw that it is an edited reprint from 1949.

The original text of the story has stayed the same with the text bubbles updated as I’m pretty sure OTOH was not a common phrase then.  

I was expecting it to be awful and it wasn’t. In fact, for all you classical educators out there if your kids have read any version of Dante it is kind of funny.

“Each was given what each deserved by the malevolent barista. Those who when living had the nerve to get their way through flattery, Here were bitter justice served.”

I wish I could copy the image here as you see a guy ordering hot chocolate and then being placed in a vat of chocolate slop to drown. It’s dark humor for sure. I’m giving this one a thumbs up for all of us in the center of my Venn diagram. The Chicago library has it so you can try your library or just bite the bullet and order it from Amazon.

Disney Graphic Novels #4: Great Parodies: Mickey’s Inferno

Written By: Guido Martina and Illustrated By: Angelo Bioletto

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