Book Review: Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose

I’m getting towards the end of campaign books. Joe has quite a few books out and this is the most recent if you don’t count the Audible original: Conversations with Joe which I don’t.

Joe Biden has had some bad breaks in life and he’s also had some incredible luck. I liked that he included lots of stories about his time as vice president, its hard to get a handle on what the job actually entails and I’ve got a pretty clear picture now. You take the hits that the President wants to avoid and you give a lot of speeches.

Joe goes above and beyond that. When he attends the funerals of two peace officers from New York he ends up giving one widow his private number. You see, he knows how she is feeling and as much as I’d like to be cynical about the story, he seems sincere and the retelling is tinged with honesty. If all the stories in this book are true I can see why more people call him Joe than use the more formal, Mr. Vice President.

In chapter four, Joe says he doesn’t want to be President. That was 2015, not that long ago, yet ages ago, in terms of US politics. But, that is another story.

This book is basically two stories. It’s a cancer story, basically Beau Biden’s entire sickness and death, and it’s the story of how Joe Biden balanced his professional life during that time.

I already knew I liked fictional Joe of the Obama/Biden Mystery Books and in this biography Joe holds up as a good guy. He’s certainly put in his time in Washington.

Overall, it’s a good, albeit sad read and I think it will give insight into what kind of man he is.

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