Book Review- Shortest Way Home: One Mayor’s Challenge and a Model for America’s Future

I ended up listening to this book through Hoopla because although I have 2 library cards, I was not going to get this book for months. Pete read it himself and did an okay job. He isn’t a professional reader, but it is his story and therefore it sounds best in his voice even if he hesitates far to often for an audiobook.

Comparing the writing style to most of the other books I’ve read leads me to believe that Pete actually wrote this himself. He did study literature at Harvard so I’m pretty sure writing this book didn’t put him far out of wheelhouse. His wheelhouse includes lots of things that will check boxes for Republicans and Democrats, he served in the military, speaks like seven languages, and most importantly his tone isn’t antagonistic in any way.

He’s a smart guy for sure, he has great ideas, and people like him. I don’t know if that will be enough to boost him into Washington this time. I think he’d make a great Vice President or cabinet member.

As I’m typing this, word is that Mayor Pete is one of the eight Democrats to qualify for the September debates. I think if you liked him in the debates, this book fills in the rest of what you’ll need to know before the election.

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