Book Review- I Know What I Saw: Modern Day Encounters

Ok, so this is a Cryptozoology book. Don’t click away just yet.

Everyone I know has seen something or heard something they couldn’t explain. You were driving most likely and saw this thing on the side of the road, it doesn’t look quite right, and when you get a closer look it is something you’ve never seen before. You know it’s real. You go through the entire range of emotions, are you crazy? Could it be a trick of the light? Is it some kind of joke or hoax? In the end, you only know for sure that you aren’t wrong, it is real and if you tell anyone they laugh at the thought.

Do we laugh because we are uncomfortable with the unknown? Mostly, yes, I think so. Can there be animals that we don’t know about? Why is that so far fetched?

Linda Godfrey compiled an entire book of first person experiences that are recent. This isn’t that book you checked out of the library as a kid with the blurry Loch Ness Monster pictures. Everything from dire dogs to deer people and of course Bigfoot gets some coverage within this book.

I think it is a worthwhile project to chronicle sightings that otherwise get immediately dismissed from the public. No one knows how many, if any of these sightings are true, but they are abundant and I do think we owe it to our neighbors to keep an open mind.

Even if you aren’t a squatch enthusiast, no one knows this area quite like Linda. You’ll find these accounts interesting and thought-provoking no matter whether you want to believe or not.

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