Book Review: The Bride Test

Is this book the equivalent to a gateway drug in the Romance genre? Maybe, yes.

If you read Romance you probably already know the genius of Helen Hoang from The Kiss Quotient. If not, and you are thinking of dipping your toes into the Romance Pool, this is a great story to begin reading.

The mail-order bride premise gave me pause and since I haven’t read a ton of Romance yet, I was hesitant at the start. I mean, in this day and age that kind of plot could quickly devolve into some kind of patriarchal fantasy. But- guys, it’s smart. Both main characters even acknowledge the weirdness in this day and age. I loved it.

Here’s the quick synopsis: Esme Tran has lived her entire life in Vietnam and is working at a hotel  when a woman approaches her with the idea that she go to America and marry her son. Esme doesn’t have much to lose, so she takes the chance and goes.  Khai  isn’t too thrilled with his Mom’s idea either but is also willing to see how it plays out. Right away the reader can see that they are meant for each other.

This is a fun, light read for an afternoon where you just want to escape your own world for a bit.

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