Book Review: The Water Will Come: Rising Seas, Sinking Cities, and the Remaking of the Civilized World

Fun Fact about Kindle books: If the library book is open on your kindle it won’t get sucked back to the library until you exit out of it.
Ok, on to this review. As the quote on the cover says, It is deeply unsettling to contemplate the water rising enough to erase most of our coastlines. Sure, you may hear a snippet on the news from time to time, but mostly we’re all just living our lives ignoring the elephant in the room.
Jeff Goodell did an enormous amount of research pulling this book together. On the one hand, I’m a little jealous of the travel that he got to do in the name of research. On the other hand, those places might disappear in fifty years.
The narrative starts and ends in Miami, where the author takes us on a journey to describe the impact of rising seas. The US east coast will get hit hard, partly due to a lot of infrastructure at sea level and from the slowing of the Gulf Stream. We will lose Miami first, with streets flooding regularly during high tides and the sewers becoming overwhelmed. The city is trying to keep a lid on what the future will bring as they don’t want to devalue the real estate market. Also, most of those rich guys won’t be alive when this happens and are just literally riding the wave while they can.
My takeaway is that living in the center of the US on a mountain is your best long term real estate investment. In other parts of the world, staying above sea level will be a challenge as the seas claim land. Our world is in trouble, and it will only get smaller and more dangerous if we don’t act soon.

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