Book Review- The Spinner of Dreams

New from the author of The Land of Yesterday another awesome imaginative tale to delight your middle grade readers. I read this awhile ago and somehow just blanked on writing a review. I remember giving it 5 stars on Goodreads, but somehow dropped the ball on the actual review. Today is this books birthday so there is no better time to sing it’s praises.

Annalise Meriwether was cursed at birth by the Fate Spinner. I loved that we have a main character filled with anxiety that conquers all the obstacles set her in path. Readers who love a fantasy world full of good vs. evil will gobble this story right up!

Reynolds has expertly woven together a world filled with real problems and a girl with animal friends. In this world neuro-diversity is just one part of people and is not how they are defined. I loved it.

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