September Kid’s Book Round Up

This is so cool!

First up we’ve got a ginormous book/fold out timeline that’ll look awesome on your wall all the while making you and your kids a bit smarter. Smithsonian teamed up with Sarah Albee and William Exley to give you the North American historical timeline you never knew you needed. Maybe you did know, searched previously and couldn’t find one? Well, on October 1, 2019 your dream will be realized. This is serious history in a fun illustrated 8 long feet of art package. This will take you from 13,000 BCE up until 2019 (today). I was gifted an actual hardcover review copy and we’ll be hanging the timeline up with its 2nd side facing out because we just happen to be studying American History this year and that’s where we’re starting. You could leave it in the book and read it like a book too. Either way will work.

Another great reference book to have on hand.

The National Geographic Kids Student World Atlas is another book that I think every family should have on their shelf. Yes, I do know that you have Google and Alexa to ask these kind of questions to. You don’t need reference books just for looking things up, you also can use them as simple browsing tools. Kids still need to know how to use an index and how to skim for information. This book makes both easy to learn and succeed with in minutes. We used it just last weekend to look up information about hurricanes. We’ll also be using our copy alongside our geography studies this year.

Sometimes 5 minutes is exactly long enough for a story.

If you are shopping for the holidays (I know, I know, I’m not either, I think people do, I just don’t know any) this is a book you may want to consider for the preschool set.

Things I love:

  • the puffy oversized cover
  • the muted yet still colorful illustrations
  • Actual short 5 minute stories
  • Stories so good I’ll want to read two or three
  • This is under $10 on Amazon and looks like it should cost much more.
Speaking of Xmas, this is an entire Advent story+ activities all in one book!

From the publisher: When a mouse named Winston finds a lost letter addressed to Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, he sets off an unforgettable journey to personally deliver the letter to Santa! How Winston Delivered Christmas is a heart-warming story, organized in twenty-four and a half chapters, to share during the countdown to Christmas. Starting on December 1st, children can read a chapter a day, and each chapter is followed with a fun and festive holiday activity to complete. This illustrated advent story tells of the adventures of an adorable mouse and how a good deed can lead to a very happy ending. 

From me: Don’t search Pinterest for Advent activities this year. This book is the way to go. You get 24 1/2 stories all leading up to Christmas and a slew of activities to keep you busy every day. This is the kind of book that makes me wish we had little people in our house again. So much fun!

So fun you won’t realize that you are learning code-breaking at all.

Set up with six missions this book is the perfect solution to anyone looking for some fun math/logic time. We’re going to use our copy on Fridays when I sub in “practical math” into our class time. This is the first in a series that the publisher marks ages 7-12 but I’d include 13 year old kids in 8th grade too.

The back of the book includes a section of solutions and a certificate of achievement. If you aren’t homeschooling this is a great book to have on hand for waiting rooms and vacation days. We just started it and it’s a big hit with my teen after the first mission.

Hot off the presses! You can order it Sept. 17, 2019!

This is the newest title in the growing list of Science Experiment books (the Genius at Work Series) by Sean Connolly. We’ve read a few and the thing that stands out about them is that the experiments work, they don’t require hard to find items and they are fun!

Each chapter presents some technology, tells why we humans invented something to help us with this task and then you get to do an experiment that shows how awesome it is. We’re going to dig into this book as time allows but we already have post-it bookmarks on the soda bottle rockets and one for a holographic video!

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