Book Review: Malamander

The publisher describes this story as fantastical. I agree. Herbert Lemon (great name) and Violet Parma both end up in Eerie-On-Sea at The Grand Nautilus Hotel under mysterious circumstances, and then they team up to solve the mystery of the Malamander. The Malamander is part fish/part human and all magic.
This story has a steampunk kind of vibe with mechanical monkeys, talking cats (!), and a glowing red egg. It’s a little like A Series of Unfortunate Events mixed with The Mysterious Benedict Society.
Even human townspeople are quirky (just like real life); some are good, and some are very bad. I liked the diversity and representation of the people in the book. And the spirit of friendship between Herbert and Violet.
FYI: You don’t get complete resolution at the end as it seems like this book is the first in a trilogy. Also, this book carries off the first-person narration without a hitch, and it was a joy to read aloud.

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