Book Review: Met Her Match (Summerhill #2)

Now I’ll need to get Summerhill #1 from the library, because this book was so good.

I’m no fan of small towns. So at first, I was all grumbling on behalf of the main character just because of the quirks of small-town life. Plus, I incorrectly assumed that I had the entire plot figured out. I liked the book well enough; I just thought I knew exactly where it was going. Plot twist, this isn’t your grandma’s Harlequin Romance.
There is a romance between Terri and Nate, and that part is as expected. What I didn’t expect was there extremely accurate descriptions of the relationships between people who live in a lake town and those who visit during the Summer. I also did not foresee the surprise mystery plot at all. This story is a great weekend read, and I’d recommend it if you are looking for a couple of hours of escapism.

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