Book Review: I Hope You Get This Message

It’s the end of the world as we know it- at least, that’s what government officials are telling people. Aliens created Earth as an experiment- one that the people of Earth have failed. They have one week before the aliens decide to keep Earth or destroy it forever.

The three teenage main characters all set out to complete their lives with whatever is most important to them. This is a heavy book in many ways, but so good. It’s worth the emotional upheaval that you pretty much can’t avoid with this one.

Righting your wrongs in one week would be hard for anyone, but these kids have already seen their share of bad times.

Despite the Welcome to Night Vale vibes, the heaviness of this story does not stop. There is hope, but mostly I felt sad for these teens. (and the rest of humanity)
Here is my main takeaway, and it may or may not be a lesson the author was trying to place.

We, humans, want to believe. We want to think things are okay, even in the face of genuine evidence that they are not okay. In this scenario, there was no doubt that this was real and happening.

People still did everything they could to prove it wrong. Hope is necessary in dark times, but since this story is about teens and is from their POV, the characters made a ton of choices based on their feelings.

I feel like it is a great book to read in a group and discuss. There is a lot to dig into with this one, and I can’t wait to see what Ms. Rishi comes up with next.

Editing to add: Now that I have the book in my hands, it is even more amazing. I removed the dust jacket and found this:

Translated: Final Judgement This Way Comes

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