Book Review-The Body: A Guide For Occupants

My first Bryson book was A Walk in the Woods. It was hilarious, all the while sneaking in some education. I went to read almost everything he has in print. So when I saw this title on my ARC list, I was pretty excited, even though human anatomy might be my least favorite subject.

I could hold my own now if I needed to critique a television medical drama from the knowledge I gained in reading this ginormous 400-page tome of humanness. It’s a partial history of science and part straight-up anatomy.

It’s the owner’s manual that no one has thought to hand out. Only this isn’t some hard to understand volume; it’s in plain English. I didn’t take Anatomy at school and the only text I’ve encountered while homeschooling was nowhere near as readable as this is.

If you are a science geek, you’ll devour this. If you are a Bryson fan, he’ll drag you into being interested, and if you wanted to use this as a high school science text, I’d support you. I’m probably going to make it required reading at our house.

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