Book Review: For Your Consideration Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

What I thought was going to be glorified, published fan fiction turned out to be much better than that. I usually love everything Quirk Books publishes and laughed a bit when I opened this book because I wondered where the “quirkiness” would factor in?

So if you wanted to know The Rock’s life story without googling- this book has you covered. I think the average expectation of The Rock is that he’s a decent human being, who has an excellent track record for choosing family-friendly films to showcase his toughness. I also found his Instagram through this book, and he is well worth the follow.

You’ll also get some fun extras: Which Rock character you should take to prom? A super fan’s ranking of his catchphrases and an all-Rock version of the Oscars.
I liked the guy fine before reading this.

But now, I’m a fan of his and the author who successfully pitched this love letter tome to his favorite star. I knew there would be a market for my Fall Out Boy biography if I waited long enough.

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