Book Review:The Remaking

Happy Book Birthday!!

October is the perfect time of year to read this book. It is scary, scary, scary. I’d equate it with some of the older Stephen King books. I don’t watch horror movies much, the last one I watched was The Blair Witch Project and I’d put this as equal on my horror scale.

Amber is grown now, but she was a child star in a B horror movie. She never really recovered from this experience. She doesn’t act anymore or work at all really. She attends conventions and uses what little money she earns for drugs and alcohol.

The movie becomes a cult favorite and it seems to actually haunt people who see it. Her fans look possessed. She still feels the evil inside her and terrible things happen to most of the cast members.

When she gets approached to star in the remaking of the film, things get worse for everyone involved. The story jumps from Amber, to the original subjects (the ghosts or witches) and at times it got confusing as to what time the chapter was retelling, but whether it is the far past, Amber’s childhood, or the present the ghosts are actively haunting people and it is pretty terrifying.

I read an unpublished advance copy so the details could change prior to publication.

It’ll be ready for your Fall reading October 6, 2019.

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