Book Review- Unpresidented: A Biography of Donald Trump

Well, I read it. You should read it too.

It took me an extremely long time to wade through this book. It’s a page-turner, but these days it is hard to take on hearing more about Trump than I already have to as part of being an informed citizen.
Still, you may ask, is it worth the read?
The endnotes are fifty pages long. It is thorough and factual. Critics may say it’s harsh, but honestly, it contains the facts of his actions, and you can’t “spin” those.
Most of this book tells about this presidency, and you get plenty of information about Trump’s childhood environment too. Spoiler alert: people don’t change. Think about the personality of the man you observe now and paste it on a teen or child. He wasn’t likable.
The research that went into this book is incredibly detailed, and that can’t have been pleasant. I mean going all the way back to Trump’s grandfather; you can see how family culture shaped his world view. It’s a deep dive into a troubled man and his past.

Why would you want to spend your time reading any more about this man? I mean, we’re all collectively worn out from the day to day chaos that plagues this presidency. Why should you hand it to the teen in your world?

I picked this book up for myself and then ended up buying it so that my teen could read it as well. Honestly, he had no interest in it, but at this stage I feel that everyone needs to push through the exhaustion we feel, the only out of this is through, and we especially need our young people to understand the complete situation to ensure that this kind of dysfunction in the executive branch doesn’t repeat itself.
There are things we can do together to educate the voting populace before the next election. I’m a reader, so of course, my preferred method of teaching is through books.

This book may be labeled YA, but that doesn’t mean that adults can’t read it and get something out of it. It’s a plus that it isn’t some hard to read, boring nonfiction smear title. If you can get a 45 supporter to read it, I think it may plant a seed that maybe this guy isn’t out for the good of the country. At least they’ll have the facts, and you can engage in an honest debate.

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