Book Review: Finding Christmas

Dipping my toe back into the Romance genre again and I couldn’t be more pleased with this go around.
This is another book that reads like a Hallmark Christmas movie. Emmie spends a lot of time setting up a treasure hunt type challenge for her current boyfriend, Grant. Although, in my estimation, he put Emmie and her feelings last on his priority list.
He knows she loves Christmas, and he is ambivalent at best. She thinks if he completes this hunt, he’ll magically turn into the jolly elf boyfriend of her dreams. Of course, there is a twist of fate.

Emmie’s (just a friend) friend Sam accidentally finds the first clue and follows it. He’s pretty into the whole thing, and it’s clear from the get-go that they are the better match.

Christmas Point is one of those cookie-cutter TV towns where everything is perfectly decorated, and the roads are wholly plowed while snow is falling. I pictured it being a mix of Stars Hollow (from Gilmore Girls) and any small town of black and white film fame.

So, yes predictable in plot, but (shrugs) that can be just what you need as a reader. It’s a bit of fluff that will take your mind off whatever your real problems are that week. This would be an excellent read for Christmas break, it’s light and got me thinking about decorating for Christmas even though it isn’t quite Halloween.

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