Book Review: The Light at the Bottom of the World

A watery world is pretty much my worst possible Dystopian setting. I’m no fan of the water and living on a planet that is all water, and no air disturbed me a bit. The writing itself is descriptive and poetic. You’ll be amazed at the world-building. I’d compare it to Harry Potter and The Hunger Games in the atmosphere.

It’s a terrific SciFi novel. Teenager Leyla McQueen, a British/Afghan Muslim submersible racer, is a delight. She’s optimistic and is the kind of character that you want to succeed. The year is 2099, and all of surviving humanity is living underwater after an asteroid hits Earth. You’ll get plenty of British scenery (from the Old World), even though things have changed in the new reality of life on Earth. The descriptions of this modern society were captivating. So much is new, while people act out in the same ways that they do now.
Without giving away spoilers or too much plot, it’s hard to say more. I feel that with some stories, it’s best not to know too much before you read it yourself.
If you need to label it, I’m honestly not sure if it’s more dystopian, science fiction, or political conspiracy? In any case, once you start reading, it’s a hard book to put down.

It’s genuinely unlike, while still being amazing, most of the YA that I’ve read this year! Grab a copy on October 29, 2019.

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