Book Review: Spell on Wheels

This is another title that I chose after watching an OwlCrate Video. Those gals and I seem to have similar tastes in books. Luckily, it was available online from my library with no wait, and I was able to get immediate gratification. It’s the last of my non-Cybils reading for awhile.

Anyhow, if you are looking for a quick, fun graphic novel read that’s seasonably themed- look no further than this slightly, spooky title. This trade paperback collects the first five issues of Spell on Wheels. The story features three witches ( Andy, Jolene, and Claire)- normal girls with a healthy sense of boundaries as well as excellent fashion sense. 

We learn about the trio, their relationship with one another, and their magical abilities as we follow them on their journey.

The story begins with their house being burglarized, and then they go on a mission to get all their magic belongings back.

The thief is selling their stolen items. And their quest leads them all over as they track each piece down. At each location, they get more hints as to who the thief is and why he targeted them. The people they meet along the way are memorable in and of themselves. 

There are no throw-away characters here. We meet people from all walks of life. They are diverse in almost every way. There’s also feminist themes, a lot of humor, and it takes a dig at an emotionally abusive relationship while it supports positive relationships. 

After all the awesomeness in the storyline, it almost seems like you wouldn’t also get great art- but you do. Bonus points for realistic body types.

This title would be a great way to introduce a teen to graphic novels.

You can pick up a copy of this just about anywhere. Plus, there is a sequel which will be out in 2020!

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