ARC Review: Safe Harbour

Safe Harbour is one of the best YA books I’ve read this year. Do I always say that? I feel like I say it too much, and yet if there is a cap to favorite books, I’ve to exceed that number.
Harbour’s story was both believable and heartwrenching. Even though things did not turn out as bleak as I had imagined, I still cried at the end. Fourteen-year-old Harbour is in Toronto with her dog alone. Her Dad dropped her off there and left her with some strict instructions to follow until he got back. He tells her that the government is looking for them and so she has to be extra cautious and suspicious of everyone she meets.
As you can imagine, she meets both good and bad people while she is living on the streets. The good being a librarian who helps her get a card and a kind social worker at a shelter. The bad are realistically bad, a guy who seems nice, but who is probably a sexual predator and some mentally ill homeless dudes. The story doesn’t gloss over the real problems of the homeless. Harbour and her street friends eat out of dumpsters and spend some cold nights outdoors.
The ending has a Box Car Children type ending, which, although it isn’t an ending that most teens would encounter, made a great ending for this fictional tale. All the loose ends were tied up — all in all, a book that will tug on your heartstrings. And maybe make you grateful for what you have.

You can pre-order it now prior to it’s November 16 release date.

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