Book Review: When They Come for You: How Police and Government Are Trampling Our Liberties – and How to Take Them Back

The title alone is a mouth full. If you don’t think that you need to read this book, then you aren’t paying attention. It’s not a conspiracy theory book or some prepper manifesto. It is a study of actual events that have happened in the US in recent history. Well written, well researched, I’ve got nothing bad to say except that I wish it wasn’t right or needed.

You may have heard some of these stories; in the back of your mind, you might even be concerned that your civil liberties are in danger. The stories within this book won’t make you feel better about that.

Before you start thinking that this is biased toward one political party or the other, be assured that it is not. There are examples from all sides, in nearly all fields. From the published statistics of the number of people shot by police each year to removing children from their parents without cause. Your rights as a citizen have eroded almost yearly.

I was taking most of this book with a grain of salt until I got to the extensive endnotes. There is research to back up each claim listed within the text.

Although the stories can be frightening as it’s easy to see yourself in the face of these ordinary citizens, there are also many stories where people fought back against these civil injustices and won. No matter what you think about the way things are going in the United States today, this book is well worth your time to read.

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