Book Review: Coral

Happy Book Birthday!!
It’s a big YA New Release week. I’m behind in typing my reviews up, but I’m slowly catching up.
Here goes- who doesn’t love the Mermaid Universe? I went into this knowing nothing more than that. This book tackles a lot: suicide, self-harm, emotional abuse, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, PTSD, and consent issues.
This book isn’t the Ariel retelling that I thought it would be. At least, I was happy to see most of these topics handled very well. The portrayal of mental illness treatment centers, for example, was completely accurate.
For Coral (a merperson), her society treats all emotions as diseases, and she and her sister struggle against those beliefs. Merrick’s sister attempts suicide/his mother leaves home, and while he is searching for his Mom, he finds Coral. Brooke is a human with depression that is in therapy. The chapters alternate somewhat, and the original Little Mermaid story is loosely included in the plot as well.
This is a heavy book, as all the characters are brought together by one mental illness or another. I think the plot is executed well, but it won’t be a re-read for me.

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