Book Review: The Grace Year

Note that I wrote this back in June and just plain forgot to post a review here. If you are ever looking for a report from me, please be sure to check Goodreads also. It’ll be here or there or both- LOL. 

I’d describe this book as a Lord of the Flies if they were all girls. I’m also a fan of The Handmaid’s Tale and Vox; two books that rely heavily on the demoralizing of women and the fear that men have of the ‘weaker sex.’ The girls from the town get sorted into wives, farmhands, and prostitutes, but before they begin their “careers,” they go away to an island where they try and survive for the year. I spent a reasonable amount of time trying to figure out what the “magic” would turn out to be. 

It is all pretty gruesome, and for that reason alone, I would give it only three stars. If I could have read through my hands covering my face, I would have. If you like horror, you’ll give it a five. It’s incredibly fast-paced and is generally a fast, satisfying read for the genre. 

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