Book Review: We Set The Dark On Fire

Ah, this novel checks all my boxes:

Own Voices? Check

LGBTQ Rep? Check

Smashing the Patriarchy? Check

Cool Dystopian, yet realistic setting? Check

Dani hides her poor background/illegal immigration status to get accepted into a sort of Wife Training Academy (Medio School for Girls) for high-class women. While they are there, they study to be one of two roles. A graduate will one day run a husband’s household or raise his children. In this patriarchal island world, rich men buy two wives, generally from other wealthy families. 

The way the society is set up didn’t bother me in the least. Not the buying people part- of course, But, many women are stretched so thin that a dystopian fantasy of splitting it up isn’t far fetched. One woman as a business partner while the other handles the household seems like a fair split. In this case, it isn’t hard to hate Dani’s husband ( Mateo); he has like zero redeeming qualities, and her partner’s wife (Carmen) may or may not be a threat as the story begins. So things are complicated.

Without saying too much, Dani is blackmailed into helping La Voz, a rebel group, spy on the Garcia family. That part could have been plotted a little differently. I did like the story enough to set my doubts aside on the plausibility of some of that.

I’m looking forward to the sequel book in early 2020.

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